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Minor Scale | Discordant Notes | Page 7
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Ilaiyaraja’s Adhu Oru Kanaa Kaalam

Adhu Oru Kanaa Kaalam

Available from

Yeah, yeah I’ve only listened to it a coupla times now and don’t intend to rush to conclusions like I did on ‘Mumbai Express’ (I can’t seem to get enough of the saranam of Yele Nee Etti Po and the cool interludes of Poo Poothathu these days). So, the following are first impressions that might undergo radical changes upon the 18th listening and have me acknowledge this as his best effort ever. Or not.

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On M.I.A. (yawn) and Chinmayee

The Mutineers’ subliminal tactics to hook me on M.I.A have worked, and now I’m officially pissed that her current tour will not cover any city south of the Tri-State Area. I wonder if my obsession will last until the next one.

Meanwhile, thanks to SambharMafia, I’ve discovered that Chinmayee can write as well as she can sing. If you think you’ve heard the name before, it’s only because she sang the best Tamil song of 2003. A lovely duet called Enna Idhu Enna Idhu, as well as the next best song that year – AR Rahman’s En Uyir Thozhiye. And it’s no wonder she aced the latter, cos’ she mentions that Suddha Saveri is one of her favorite raagams.

Remembering Vividh Bharathi

National Panasonic radio

Imagine growing up on an audio collection where almost every cassette sleeve had tiny portraits of Mother Mary and/or JC woefully staring back at you, decked in costumes born out of some underpaid artist’s garish imagination. Well, thanks to my Dad’s single-minded taste in music, I didn’t have to. Aatmeeya Geethangal, Aatmeeya Naadhan, Swargiya Naadhan, Nammude Swargiya Aasrayam etc. were the chartbusters playing on repeat in my house. Don’t even bother trying to figure out what all that means. Just know it’s the business mantra of the ruthless Mallu Devotional Tape industry that translates to ‘Blessed are the musically challenged, for their misplaced faith shall line our coffers.’

So that’s why when I say, “Thank God for Vividh Bharathi“, I really REALLY mean it.

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TiVo for a Baby

If you’re not ready to dish out all that extra cash for TiVo yet, then you got two options. Either convert an old computer into a PVR (Personal Video Recorder)
plan to have a baby this weekend. Or atleast hope the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas reopen their ‘free TiVo for a Baby’ offer next year. Amusingly enough, not all new mothers who got the TiVos, got what it was for…

But the women also were confused.
Maria Ramirez, a 26-year-old Mesquite woman, juggled her crying 2-day-old daughter as a Spanish translator explained that she was now a proud TiVo owner.

“Is it for babies?” Ms. Ramirez asked.

Analyzing Yedho Mogham

Yedho Mogham - Kozhi Koovudhu

‘Rjay’, a TFMpage regular wrote this rather insightful analysis of a personal favorite of mine, Yedho Mogham from Kozhi Koovudhu. A delightful read!

I noticed that the mp3 links on the page did not work anymore (he wrote this a good 4-5 years back I think), so I cut up my copy of the song and uploaded it as an 8Mb zip file to Rapidshare(click on the Free button at the bottom and wait a few seconds for the download ticket to appear). I also happen to have the entire background score of the movie, so I’ve added two more mp3 files.
– The first file is called ‘Building up to Yedho Mogham’, which is a variation of the song played in the background when Suresh & Viji (for those familiar with the movie) have that interesting episode in the lake which sparks off their love. :)
– The second file is called ‘Climax version of Yedho Mogham’, which is of course a sadder version of the song played towards the end of the movie.
Update: I’ve also included the analysis by Rjay as part of the id3 tag, so you can read it as it plays. Works with Media Player.

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See Her Die!

You can bet this promise will rake in an extra million for the makers of House of Wax. Will be curious to know how many show up at the theaters wearing this. And also, if the last words uttered by Hilton in the movie as she gets buried in layers of boiling wax will be – That’s Hot!.
In any case, Aishwarya Rai is in good company. Bollywood Star…Socialite Pornstar.

(this post made after a Bloggers-Meme told me I don’t qualify as one without the mandatory Hilton snippet)

Some Movie round-ups

The first 15 minutes of the movie is what I’d like to call, “The Invasion of the Goose-bumps”. Serious fans of the original probably had a gala time pointing out the 1073 flaws in this remake, but all I could think was, “Thank God this is not a Baba“. In stark contrast to the cinematic atrocity called ‘Black’ where a former superstar disgraced himself with delusions of acting grandeur, his counterpart down south proved why he’s still loved by many. Cos’ he has no pretensions whatsoever about his acting skills and still believes in doing what he is good at. Agreed, ‘Baba’ was a slip-up, a gross error in judgement, but it only took him a movie to rectify that. Chandramukhi is one of those Rajini movies where you know exactly what to expect and if you liked it in the past, you’ll end up liking it again. The only complaint I had was the lack of a proper villain for him to riff with & exchange some of them biting one-liners. But hey! he’ll be back from the mountains soon for the next one. And we’ll still be here waiting, won’t we?!

The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:
From what I’ve read, there have been two sets of audience reaction for this movie. The Douglas Adams who? crowd that either hated the movie or were fascinated by this whacky new sci-fi world. OR. Fans of the book who either thought it didn’t do justice to the book….or people like me who thought this is probably the best (or nearly the best) any film-maker could do justice to the book. So yeah, I liked the movie. Will buy the DVD. And hope for a sequel.

Phunking up Don

Black Eyed Peas

This time the influence is subtler, but it is obvious the Black Eyed Peas listen to their fair share of Desi music.

This is their new single – Don’t Phunk with my Heart. Check out the intro that is totally lifted from Yeh Mera Dil from Don. And I’m sure the beats are also just a resynthesized, more “funked up” version of the original. Though not as blatant as their previous inspiration, the BEP seem to be getting some mileage from our 70s-80s music.

Harris Jeyaraj’s Anniyan

Anniyan Banner

While AR Rahman is off testing international waters, Tamil moviemakers loyal to him are faced with the dilemma of having to choose from the set of second-tier composers available to them. Thus, Shankar was probably left with Yuvan, Vidyasagar & Harris Jeyaraj and he decided to go with the best Rahman clone in the lot. HJ has come up with 5 songs for this album, not including the mandatory Theme music.

While I labor through the album, I’ll also try to guess which song matches the song locales described by Shankar on the Anniyan website. Just for kicks.

[sic]We have painted 350 houses beautifully in ThenKasi for a song. We have shot a song in Malaysian Airport for the First Time. We have conducted a Carnatic Cutcheri – Almost people would feel the Thiruvaiaru Cutcheri Festival while viewing that song. [/sic]

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Black-ed Ham with Corn & Cheese

Black poster

This is in no way, a review. Rather, consider it a warning.

I really wanted to write “Spoilers Ahead”, but trust me, 2 minutes into the movie and you can start typing the script alongwith the movie. In fact, you might even come up with a better version. Something with a premise other than “Blind Girl, Old man with Alzheimers, and don’t forget the ham”.

In possibly the worst performance in recent times by an actor in a serious role, Amitabh Bachchan hammed his way to almost giving me an aneurysm before the movie was even 15 mins old. And this, while I was still trying to figure out which century the movie was being set in, and/or if I had accidentally messed up the DVD Audio setup and changed it to English. Cos’ you see, Amitabh had been dealing out one cheesy English line after the other, Pacino style, while contorting his face like a constipated monkey. Apparently, his character was supposed to be “eccentric” and this was his way of portraying it.

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Anniyan – Kaadhal Yaanai

Sneak preview of one of the songs from Anniyan.
You’d have thunk Harris Jeyaraj would have completely revamped his act for Shankar. But it sounds like any of his other songs. In fact, not just the style, even the tune took familiar HJ turns once in a while. Hopefully, the rest of the album will make up for this.

Original LinkKaadhal Yaanai
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Update: All songs now available from the first link above.

Deciphering Teen Talk

Couple of Eminem/Fred Durst-looking teenagers showed up on my front door a few weeks back. You know, the cap worn backwards, weird chains around the neck, letter jackets and pants threatening to dislodge from the waists any moment. Apparently they wanted to sign me up for some magazine subscription program.

“But I already pay my dues to the magazine industry, ” I said and took a step back to close the door.

“But this is for a good cause, man. You sign up for this and blah-bleh-blook, your contribution goes to the Sacred Heart hospital.”

I didn’t need to hear all that gibberish again, so I nodded and said, “Hmm…so how much do I need to pay?”

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Discordant Notes

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