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When I yearned for lip-synching

I wonder why Rahman even bothered with an orchestra (if you can call it that) during the San Francisco concert on June 2. ‘One-eyed’ Sivamani, from the land of the blind, could’ve played the rhythm on any or all the percussion surrounding him, and the crowd would’ve still danced and cheered. Who cares if the mixing/audio was horrible, that the singers had no charisma, and sometimes sang flatter than some American idol rejects? It was probably the worst $45 I spent in my life. I attended the LA concert back in 2003, and came back not too disappointed, but this just plain sucked.

But I’m sure the 1500+ dancing & cheering buffoons in that stadium will disagree.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Raam

Starring – Jeeva, Gajala // Direction: Ameer
Listen to Raam @ Raaga.
Raam – Official Website (Flash required)

Jeeva, true to his name, is defying an early death to his career and making a comeback with this movie. And maybe a weird hairdo is what Jeeva needs now to salvage his career(!). Of course, his Dad, Super Good Choudhary also has something to do with this, but atleast this time father/son picked a director with atleast one hit to his credit. Raam will be former Bala assistant, Ameer’s second venture after Mounam Pesiyadhae. And he has decided to stick with Yuvan Shankar Raja for the music. Apparently the music is hot in Madras, atleast according to

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