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Three in Twelve

That’s 3 National Championships in 12 months. Feels good to be part of some winning team.

My favorite inside-joke sign at the game (as reported by a Gator Fan)

Ohio State University – The New Georgia (hyuk, hyuk)

Can Super Bowl MVPs do the Bhangra?

Four months go by, you haven’t updated your blog, and then one day you are staring at something bizarre on your computer screen, and you’re like – Screw hiatuseses, I’m posting this shit.

Unless someone can prove me wrong (don’t even bother), I’m pretty sure this is Mallika Sherawat and Peyton Manning busting a move at some desi girl’s sweet sixteen party. I’m sure Mallika agrees the only thing better than putting your bare bum(nsfw) on display at Cannes, is to do the bhangra with a 6-foot-5 quarterback with a laser rocket arm.

Courtesy: Deadspin

More photos here.


There’s an actual website dedicated to athletes who “found” God. While I don’t mean to sound dismissive of their faith, it was still interesting to find the names of some Indian athletes in there, including Jacob Martin and a name from the past, Sebastian Xavier. Sebastian, who, you ask?
For anyone who, every morning, scoured the Sports pages of The Hindu during the early 90s, in a frenzied 20 minute attempt to take in every possible stat listed so as to not feel left out when the Sports freaks hammered it out in class, Sebastian Xavier was probably THE Indian swimming legend! Easily identified by that pool-friendly, convenenient bald pate, Xavier went onto achieve national fame setting long-standing records (his 8yr old 100m record was only broken in 2003). He eventually won the Arjuna award after some controversy, and still remains India’s best swimmer to date. For anyone who thinks that’s not saying much, I agree, but then this post is just a blast from the past kinda deal. And if you want to amuse yourself, check out this hypothetical chart that tries to evaluate how far behind in World Swimming we actually are!