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Quick Notes V

Central Forensic Science Laboratory (or) CFSL for you acronym hounds, recently absolved Salman Khan of a crime. Not the ‘negative IQ’ charge, but the ‘drunk on the phone with a dodo’ one. Their website proves they used actual equipment to arrive at their findings. But parsing through their publications list, I really didn’t know what to make of this one entry.
Defrauded Money Recovered From the house of a bank employee after Polygraph test, reveals Dr Bhiba Rani Ray (Lie-detector).
Almost sounds like self-incriminating testimony to me.
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Quick Notes IV

Anniyan showcases MPD. Multiple Pada DejaVu and Mostly Puerile Direction. Stunts that are Mindless Plagiarised Derivatives. Special effects that scream Mattamaana Program Development. And Vikram’s performance that Made Puke Desirable in comparison. That’s right, Shankar. I can be lame too.

Arular Bonus Tracks: Get it while it still lasts…your M.I.A obsession, I mean. (Update: One of the 4 bonus tracks is a remix of Galang feat. Gabbar Singh & samples from Mehbooba)

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Quick Notes III

– I’m liking Shyam Radio. Their playlist of spliced-up songs, like some out-of-control TFM time machine, yanks me around on pleasurable roller-coaster rides called MSV, Raja & Rahman. The occasional comedy stop-overs (actual clips from movies, not the Ads) only adds to the charm. Hey! I’m even beginning to like Oru Naal Oru Kanavu some more. :)
(Song playing right now is an absolute favorite: Kuyile Kuyile from Aanpaavam)

– I’ll aspire to this kind of classy voyeurism when my 350D comes in, after the Great Dell BackOrder of 2005.
Pilots who blog have it easy though. Composition/Contrast/Photoshop be damned. They hold ultimate vantage position.

– If anyone is allowed to make long posts, it should be Anna. If I could write like her, I would write about how well she writes.

– I have this (retarded) craving to smell a Durian now. I blame Karthik.

– Final absurd thought before I hit ‘Publish’. Has anyone done a survey to find out how many blogs have the words “Random”, “Ramblings”, “Musings” & “Ruminations” in their title? Or variations of it, like, ‘Discordant Notes’ ?

Quick Notes II

Watched the US edition of The Office today on NBC. Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant might be Exec. Producers, but it was still painful to watch. So I join the thousands of faithfuls of the original and offer my puke to the sorry imitation.

Mumbai Express: Heard the songs yesterday and let’s just say, if I wrote a review based on first impressions, it would just be “Why Raja, Why?”. Hopefully it’ll get better on further listening. Hopefully.
Update: April 22nd – It did get better and I realize I’m not qualified to write a worthy review about the intricacies of the album.

HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray: Maybe they’ll all get along after all (from The Digital Bits) and save HDTV owners from future trauma.

Mass: Saw the smash hit Telugu movie and was left wondering if the title was also a sly reference to the overweight heroines (Jothika & Charmi). The best part of the movie is during credits where they showed outtakes of the heroines falling during dance sequences, clearly losing balance as their “mass” battled gravity . Hilarious stuff! As for the movie, it managed to blow & suck at the same time. (Thanks Bart Simpson).

Quick Notes I

– For a relative newcomer, Michael Clarke has a cool website, so does Andrew Flintoff. In fact, they might have the best ones amongst all cricketeers. Ironically enough, & are not even being used.

– This is old news, still… Julie Delpy might have been the better choice for The Da Vinci Code; Audrey Tautou is probably too cute to be Sophie Nevue.

– Has everyone seen the Moshzilla Girl yet? And her Photoshopped avatars?

Wise investment? Apparently, this dude thought it was.

– One of the search phrases that led to my site over the weekend was S-e-x K-a-t-h-a-i-g-a-l (Kathaigal = Stories). Thanks a lot, Yahoo. (In case you’re wondering what’s the deal with the hyphens, it’s to prevent repeat visitors. Hopefully, it’ll work).