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Layering Esthero (updated)

I was trying to come up with a Tamizh song to use with an extended sample I created from an Esthero song called ‘Flipher Overture’. And like always I was lost for lyrics. I might have topped myself in inanity with this song called ‘Sakhiye’. The clincher could be the line nimidam nimidam nodigalai pala varudam aanadhu, which is also how 5th standard Maths classes begin every academic year in TamilNadu.

If anyone thinks the tune is worthy of better lyrics, then please give it a shot. If not, there is always the Delete key.

mp3 of Sakhiye Sakhiye

update: added some music at the end of the song.

Evaluate, Evaluate

I’m helping a friend make a demo tape of sorts. Not that I run a shop to help burgeoning artistes, but I happen to be the only one in the area who has the bare-bones equipment to record & reproduce her vocals. Plus, she makes a killer Paav-Bhaaji, which probably tempted me enough to lie about my skills.
We have since ripped a Asha Bhonsle Karaoke CD, and recorded her vocals on top of coupla instrumental tracks (along with that annoying guide track that sounds like Kumar Sanu with a massive cold). I spent some time “mixing & mastering” the tracks. The quotes are there to indicate that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Or maybe I should say, I spent time letting the software do “stuff” to the tracks, while I randomly clicked on ‘Filters’ & ‘Effects’ that I thought sounded cool.
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Purpled Javed

I’d been sitting on these Javed Akhtar lyrics for quite some time. Not sure if they’ve been set to tune before, but I kind of liked its flow. And I’d also been thinking about using an instrumental called “Closing Question” by this trip-hop band called Purple Penguin. So yeah, it all came together tonight…Javed Akhtar’s ghazal set to tune – trip-hop style!

(I was too lazy to play any music on the track. I’ll maybe add an instrumental track later. Also, forgive the singing.)

Mp3 Link to the song, Kaisi Aavaaz Hain.

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My other shameless use of an existing track. (Mp3 Link)

Layering M.I.A.

M.I.A. Layered

Two days without the Internet (thanks for nothing, Comcast!) helped me catch up on a long list of movies and indulge in some cut&paste music.

I was listening (yet) again to M.I.A.’s Arular album and during the final minute of the Arular version of the M.I.A. song, was inspired enough to come up with a small ditty to layer on top of the song. So I jotted down some lyrics with the usual cliches (nila, malar etc.) and with my able CoolEdit Pro, cut the song, then played a short melody, recorded some vocals and ended up with the following layered version.

M.I.A.- Layered (mp3)