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Blurb from The Onion

In fact it’s so small I can post the entire thing here.

From The Onion:

A five-minute sampling of Hindi-language channel Zee TV stretched into a five-hour Indian TV marathon for Craig Mieritz, 23, Monday. “I have no idea what’s going on, but I can’t turn it off,” the channel-flipping Mieritz said about a colorful, frenetic musical number on the soap opera Tum Bin Jaaoon Kahaan. “Maybe I’ll just watch another minute…” Following the soap, Mieritz watched a Hindi pop variety show, 11 music videos, and the three-hour Bollywood epic Khuda Gawah, the remote in his hand the entire time.

Even though this was written in jest, it’s somewhat true. I’ve had some of my non-Indian co-workers tell me the same thing when they came across our own Channel 17’s Dhanak TV (which for some reason has closed shop now). After all, who can resist our lovely heroines with plastic smiles plastered on their faces prancing in the parking lots of Walmart or the wastelands of Switzerland with 6Packed heros, while feigning orgasmic expressions as they felt his fingers brush their bare mid-riffs.
Well, who can?

Best Comeback logo

A long long time back, a bunch of talented, ZZTop obsessed dudes (and dudettes I hope, in which case I’d like to marry one of them) used to run this cool website called Though blatantly inspired from The Onion (a fact they always admitted to), they made sure the customised humor still worked. Anyway, one day, the site suddenly vanished without a trace…until today, when I discovered that they had just taken a (long) break to move onto slightly better things. The crew has launched Big Fat Phoenix, and much to my delight have also put up the entire Bosey Archive. Hopefully their new venture Gilfosia – What on earth does that mean? (their question, not mine) will be even better than Bosey.

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