When I yearned for lip-synching

I wonder why Rahman even bothered with an orchestra (if you can call it that) during the San Francisco concert on June 2. ‘One-eyed’ Sivamani, from the land of the blind, could’ve played the rhythm on any or all the percussion surrounding him, and the crowd would’ve still danced and cheered. Who cares if the mixing/audio was horrible, that the singers had no charisma, and sometimes sang flatter than some American idol rejects? It was probably the worst $45 I spent in my life. I attended the LA concert back in 2003, and came back not too disappointed, but this just plain sucked.

But I’m sure the 1500+ dancing & cheering buffoons in that stadium will disagree.

12 thoughts on “When I yearned for lip-synching”

  1. //…that the singers had no charisma…//

    Chitra was there, I heard. Does your comment includes her too?

  2. No, that was my general impression. I didn’t have the patience to break it down by singer. Chitra was easily the best of the lot. But even she was not spared from technical difficulties and slipped up in between (either that or the backup singers missed their cue). Overall it was an unprofessional show. For example: Rahman did not have the lyrics to Humma Humma, and he just hummed both saranams. Sukhwinder Singh, whose love for himself has reached greater heights, managed to make even Chaiyya Chaiyya boring. You know a show is bad when you look forward to Blaaze’s ara-kora rapping.

  3. I wonder you haven’t written anything about Thalaivar padam yet. Everybody worth their salt have either gone ‘wow’ or ‘nay’ by now. It’s such a crazy rage here in Chn.

  4. Where I live, the movie is being shown only on June23rd. So I have to wait until then. From what I read, I realize it’s no ‘Baasha’, but it should still be fun.

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