Crap begets Crap

“The remake of ‘Don’ that should never have been made!”
“Don disappoints”

Funny how everyone presumes that you already consider the original a classic. Unless you are still a 10yr old living in the DD era or a Amitabh Bachchan fan, there’s no way you can survive that movie. And I’m neither.

Speaking of bad ‘superstar’ remakes, Tamil cinema has been churning out many over the past 5-7 years. Except it’s a LOT of delusional fools trying to emulate the original.

5 thoughts on “Crap begets Crap”

  1. Manoj, Atlast, atlast, I found someone who speaks sense on THE DON.
    Hmm..these northies and their amitabh fixation – you are absolutely right about the 10 year-old part. When I was 10 ,was the last time I enjoyed amitabh movies unconditionally and considered them masterpieces :-)
    BTW, your sense of humour rocks – in my rating, second only to your friend, Karthik of Stochastica :-). Unsolicited comment, yes but had to say it :-)

  2. Raj: No sane person ever said no to unsolicited praise. But had you thrown in a smug remark, I’d have hunted you down and glued your hands together so you could never make another comment in your life. So, wise choice, my friend! :)
    In any case, I’ve heard that line a million times before. It’s Karthik’s voice mail greeting – Hi! You’ve reached Karthik, the funniest guy in the blogosphere. Manoj is a distant second.

    I hate him.

    As for fixation, Southies lead the way. Ugly heros and Nayantara’s flab. But we don’t go around claiming Batcha was a classic. Actually, you know what…it is! ;)

  3. Update: Now that I have discovered Bosey, I am afraid you would have to do a Leander Paes and settle for the Bronze medal :-)

  4. I thought both Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra looked like people who recently had sex change operations. Other than that …

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