7 thoughts on “Radio”

  1. Actually, I absolutely enjoyed this thing before even listening half of the first song – the awesome “Mella Mella” – that it played.

    And then when I added the comment, the curious s/w engineer in me woke up and I felt that the error looked more like a script error than the work of a spam filter, so I thought the comment didn’t reach where it ought to.

  2. Manoj, Atlast, atlast, I found someone who speaks sense on THE DON.Hmm..these northies and their amitabh fixation – you are absolutely right about the 10 year-old part. When I was 10 ,was the last time I enjoyed amitabh movies unconditionally and considered them masterpieces :-). BTW, your sense of humour rocks – in my rating, second only to your friend, Karthik of Stochastica ! unsolicited comment, yes but had to say it -. Hope you dont find it vile or distasteful :-)

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