7 thoughts on “A blog called SilverScreen”

  1. Good website.. and funny snippets…
    A lil humane request.. Be a lil soft on nayantra, will u??
    She does deserve a break… not that i d mind joining a nayantara bashing club.. but jus that the content of website gets a character trai that it could well do without..

  2. And that character trait would be that we are ‘Nayantara bashers’? That actually sounds like a selling point. :)
    But I get what you mean…we try not to be all ‘she sucks, he sucks’ about everything. If we make you chuckle while pointing out the absurdities in an industry that we (unfortunately) are still addicted to, then the site works.

  3. ….how
    Convinced he was he should be added to!
    Why did he think adding meant increase?
    To me it was dilution.

  4. hey, jus cos u hav a website on movies doesnt mean u hav to neglect this blog…
    no posts???

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