This one’s on me, Piweb

If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was divine intervention that made me post less over the past few months. But then I know God hates my writing, so that can’t be it. Let’s just say I lucked out and lost only 2 posts when my former webhost decided to pack their bags and take that well deserved vacation. Have fun in Hawaii, Piwebhosting! That $5.95 cocktail is on me. Literally…I paid for it, for services un-rendered this month.

Anyhoo, I assessed the damage and I’m only 2 who-gives-a-damn posts short after the changeover. Thank you, MySQL Backups. I was always skeptical of them INSERT INTOs and (parathanthesized, separated by commas, numbers) being representative of my posts. Now, I believe.

5 thoughts on “This one’s on me, Piweb”

  1. HI Manoj,

    Came in to say that am still checking your blog :-)…do get back to regular programming soon.

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