Magnets love Rajinikant. Coconuts too.

Amit links to an Indiatimes article that’ll soon be flooding Inboxes everywhere (it made its way to mine this morning). The updated Rajinikant Logic-Defying Stunt email. Please, someone help me out here. I’ve always wondered about this email. I consider myself a moderate Rajini fan, but am not sure what movies these are allegedly from.

#1 – Chandramukhi, except I don’t remember him jumping high up in the air and staying up there for a few minutes, defying gravity. (He did perform a nifty move where he jumped and clicked his heels, but hey, that was him just dusting off his shoes).
#2 – Chandramukhi again? If yes, then that was supposed to be part of his comedy routine with Vadivelu. Hmm, “comedy routine with Vadivelu”…sounds so much like my “date with Kate Beckinsale“.
#3 – What the Ffffffevicol? Really, he did that?
#4 – Veera, but it was NO swimming pool, but somewhere inside of a recording studio. There’s a difference. Spools of magnetic tape *could* do that to 6 knives. Water cannot, cos’ Water sucks.
#5“A coconut falls on the starter, Rajni releases clutch, and away he goes chasing the villains”. He then breaks open the coconut with 6 knives, and with a smattering of cigarette ash, he uses the brake wire and muffler to refine the coconut water into high octane gas. So what?
#6 – I didn’t watch Baba, so let this be from Baba, cos’ Baba was apparently made in the middle of one of his drinking binges.
#7 – One of those Maaveeran/Manithan era movies? They don’t count. Anything after ‘Mr.Bharath’ and before ‘Guru Sishyan’ does not count.
#8 Rajini runs faster than the current. And what’s logic defying about that?
#9 – We’ve already established what he can do with magnets/magnetic fields. If there is a magnet involved in a Rajini stunt, it is with good reason.

8 thoughts on “Magnets love Rajinikant. Coconuts too.”

  1. If it came down to living with the stunts in Tamil movies, any of Rajini’s are better than “naan shock ke shock kudukkaran da” lines from Vijayakant.

  2. Cipher: Why did you have to go break my bubble now?! :) I was hoping someone would tell me that all those claims were bogus. Got to watch ‘Rajadhi Raja’ again. Its been a long time. As for #4, isn’t there a similar scene in Veera?

    DoZ: If only Vijaykant could also claim ‘naan flu-ke flu kuduppen da‘, you might actually like him for something. :)

  3. These instances are jujubee compared to some of the gems in ‘Jaani Dushman’ , the debut movie of Sonu Nigam….Akshay Kumar slices a jeep in half, the villain becomes a bike etc. etc.

  4. Sarat: The villain becomes a bike? Damn, and poor Rajini gets picked on!
    Cipher: Yeah, me feels the same, which is why it’s essential that the hardcore Rajini fans type up the perfect response email. :)

  5. Manoj: what Indiatimes posted has been floating as a email forward for ages. Only thing is, it never comes to you as a Rajini forward every time. Sometimes its Rajini, sometimes its Mithun!
    Usually web articles become forwards, but this is the first time I have seen an email forward become a web article. But this is Indiatimes that we are talking about, so anything is possible!

    it’s essential that the hardcore Rajini fans type up the perfect response email

    I’d probably fit that stereotype, but by responding, we are only giving them more publicity, which does not serve the purpose at all :p

  6. aNTi: Yeah, I’ve seen this email in the past too, hence the “updated” prefix (not the Mithun version though…dang!). In fact, I’ve seen it so many times that I thought a response was in order. you won’t repond. I really hope you’ll reconsider. :)

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