Rahman Fans Tribute

A group of Rahman fans (face T-shirts & all) got together someplace in Malaysia and played his songs…in a house. While the singing could best have been left to vocal tracks from the original audio, the musicians kick butt. Obviously a lot of programming went into the synthesizer, but still, considering there are only 3 instruments used, the reproduction is quite impressive.

Video Playlist 1
Video Playlist 2

PS: There’s also the usual Polar Bear-Eskimo humor associated with such gatherings. Good fun.

3 thoughts on “Rahman Fans Tribute”

  1. Awaiting ur review on ‘Rang de basanthi’. BTW when you indulge urself in ‘blade analysis’ of albums by other MDs like Vidyasagar,Harris jayaraj, you’re not doing that for Raja and Rahman. Am yet to see one of that sort, start with Rang De Basanthi.

  2. In the first run none of the tracks impressed me much. May be as the time goes…as they say ‘Rahman’s-music-takes-time-to-grow’. Let’s hear Minorscale’s opinion.

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