Tamizh movies must be getting real expensive. Is it just me or is this a cry for help from the producers of Majaa? A subtle pun where they’d like you to know through the Credits about their shaken credit?

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  1. (i made a remark about majaa’s music and when i hit post, i got an error. this is a retake retest)

    it seems that the album version of majaa’s songs omits the last, best, fast and fun 30s of “chee chee” (i.e. the part in the movie where they exit the doorway to costumeland and return to their marraige celebration to do the familial electric slide). did they just kill the outro or is the outro a segment from another song or… ? also, the racy dabbankuthu song is a shameless remix of annanodu paatu.

    re: cost, I’ve always wondered whether there was any logic to the way english and tamil are mixed in credits.

  2. Oh yeah, I did wonder about that. The transition was almost seamless, and it could’ve made it to the official audio. If not anything, it would’ve had listeners trying to figure out what made the moaning couple suddenly sing about ‘vaanam, vaiyyagam, kungumam, sondham’ blah blah. :)

    I don’t mind the use of English in credits as much as the idiotic taglines they come up for movies. Like Kamal Haasan once wryly commented, if its the Peters & Marys they’re after, then they should realize the Butler English inanities only make them look sillier.

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  3. Sify Movies reports that the producer Rockline Venkatesh has pushed off to bangalore after making a ‘Table Profit’ of 7 Crores. It seems the distributors have not yet recovered the money.

  4. Muthuvel: I don’t know about guts, but I have an unbelievable tolerance level for stupidity now. Actually, if not for the final 30-40 mins of melodrama, Majaa was a very decent movie.

    Kaps: Thanks for shedding light on the ‘Cost’ mystery.

  5. i don’t “mind” the english, i just don’t understand what purpose it serves to have “cost” in english when it is defined in tamil… besides teasing english-only viewers….

    i can’t believe majaa is doing so badly, seems i’m the only one who thoroughly enjoyed it. even if the story didn’t make a whole lot of sense, the main trio were entertainingly credible, the fight musical theme was fun instead of adulating, the pacing/editing was brisk, many of the jokes were nicely offhand, and vikram looked lovely in various colored lungis/same color on white shirt combinations. (i was thinking how jai/veeru-ish vikram/pasupathy’s relationship was, down to the latter’s mangled english, and was particularly entertained by the sholay bike-scene quote in the sad song.)

    i thought majaa was way better than dhill and saamy, which were adulating, monotonous bores, but looks like that’s what people want.

    btw, along with slo-mo, another thing many movies are doing is showing people talking with only the musical score audible. half of “d the company” was like that, it certainly gets teh screenwriter out of imagining the dialogue!

  6. jevya: Realism is a lost concept on the Tamil movie audience. Eventually every movie is going to have a boy-meets-girl premise and/or a revenge theme…what one would like to see is how differently it gets treated by a director (Kaadhal, Azhagiya Theeye). And we have morons like SJ Surya who claim in every other interview about their fresh approach, while genuine talent is ignored. It’s the bane of Tamizh movies, and from the looks of it will be for some time.

    Bala: I really didn’t dislike Majaa all that much. Like I said, if not for the final 30-40 minutes, it was very decent I thought. Pasupathy was a revelation, and Vadivelu made me laugh at times, which is always a minor achievement! :)

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