A Glimpse of Raja

If you’ve yearned for an Ilaiyaraja composition that even brought back memories of one of his 90s songs, then check out this Malayalam number called Oru Chiri Kandaal from the movie, Ponmudipuzhayorathu. Sung by Manjari & Vijay Yesudas (who is very close to sounding like his Dad here), the song is somewhat of a cross between MaharaajanOdu (Sati Leelavathy) and Kaadhal Kavidhaigal(Gopura Vaasalile). The bass work is sweet, the tune is soothing and Raja has steered clear of his recent obtrusive machinized drumming. Why not such songs in Tamizh, I wonder?!

Lyrics: Oru Chiri Kandaal.

PS1: Please let me know if you happen upon a mp3 of this song anywhere! Coolgoose!
PS2: Alternative video for the same song. That’s right. I was vain enough to look for “Manoj” videos on Google Video and happened upon this one. I’m a dork!

6 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Raja”

  1. Raja has trickled down in Mallu too of late. Hardly anything impressive. And a bunch of Yesudas-wannabes and clones singing doesnt add much value to the tunes either. Oru chiri kandaal also reminds one of “en kanavil muzhudhum neeye neeye raasathi” sung by Unni Krishnan for Raja (I think from “ILayavan”). Pleasant to listen to, though.

    Manoj, which one of the two in the car is you? :-)

  2. I’m not sure, Bala. I read that it’s based on Maya Malava Gowlai, hence the likeness to Kaadhal Kavidhaigal.

    Vijay, I don’t remember that song from ‘Ilayavan’. Got to dig into my computer to see if I have that mp3.
    Someone will probably have to drug, tie and gag me before they videotaped me in a car and then posted it on Google! :) Maybe I should put a tiny photo in the ‘About Me’ section to resolve such doubts instantly in the future. :)

  3. ohhh….i am bowled over by this song. maybe its mayamalava gowla. reminds me of ‘poongathave thaazh thiravai’ and other amazing numbers that Raja sir has created in the same ragam, which sounds so plain in kirthanas. Raja gives that immense FEEL to this raga. if someone knows which raga this is based on, PLEASE let me know. i am dying to know

  4. ohhh….i am bowled over by this song. i cant believe this is Vijay Yesudas. he somehow has the ‘unni menon quality’ to his sound…could this be mayamalava gowla? bcoz it so much reminds me of ‘poongathave thaazh thiravaa’ and other gems He has created in the same raaga…otherwise mayamalava gowla sounds so plain and uninteresting. but only IR can give such great feel to this raaga. if somebody knows which raaga this is, please do write

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