Subtitled (Visual) Poetry – 3

SBC 01

SBC 02
SBC 03
SBC 04

– K. Ad Subtitler
O Pond Flower – Subhash Chandra Bose: The Hubby
Publishers: KAD DVD

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*** Hat Tip: As I surfed the blogosphere, alt-tabbing between weekend updates and Wilma tracks, I happened upon a post that contained the words ‘Shriya’, ‘Mazhai’, ‘Waist’, ‘Thirukkural’ and ‘Lyrics’. Four of those five words piqued my interest and I went DVD hunting in the local desi store, while panicked Floridians all around me stocked up on food, water & gas (wimps!). I might have been too optimistic about finding a DVD of a month-old Tamizh movie, but still managed to find a replacement that kind of met my requirements. Plus, I’m a huge Venkatesh fan. Yaaaay! Venkybabu (or whatever it is they call you).

8 thoughts on “Subtitled (Visual) Poetry – 3”

  1. An old piece of hilarity but always funny. Strange, eh? How these things never cease to amuse. In fact, there are basement artists in the USa who are making pots of money out of tranlsated crap that turn into kitsch classics once traslated. Nive post. Nice way to start the day. Hmm.

  2. “Will you come as my hubby? Please don’t reject”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha – that has to be the best line of all time. Girls, now you know how to best hit on a guy.

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