If I were a flower…

The fragrance becomes the flavor of the heart and the petals represent the blossomed mind. The thorns show the strength in me.

I would love to say I came up with that, and shamelessly accept the deluge of complimentary adjectives. But the truth is that I borrowed it from the synopsis of a Kannada movie. Honestly, I thought it would make for a great quote to use in the About Me section. So, Why talk about flowers while writing the synopsis of a film, eh? To answer that question, go here. After all – fate is the driver of the bus called life.

Karthik was recently left defending his decision to call Ghajini an entertaining movie. His argument about “recalibrating expectations” holds good for anyone that has plans of watching these other Kannada movies (God! I hope not).

1. H20 – Infidelity reIncarnate

On the other side the girl cannot sacrifice both on the grounds of their professionalism. She is also confused with her previous love affairs with both the boys in her previous `Janma’.

2. Rowdy Aliya – Fills in the Blanks

When things are like this, the village festival arrive, there unexpectedly Raja’s……………….. Arrives……….
What happens next?
You see the movie!

3. Dhum – Wife or Knife?

The brothers in the later part of the film clash and in the end whether the ‘Love’ is important and ‘Rowdy’ qualities is the need of the hour is discussed.

4. Kalasi Palya – Acid Gang Bang

Heroin enters in the life of hero. A group named `Acid Gang’ had teased hero’s sister. So the hero banged the members of acid gang and had advised them….
What will happen when the acid falls….
Watch it on Screen….

Now this tagline, I did not make up. From the geniuses behind Dhruva.

The only POLITE student…
in a POLLUTED campus…!

2 thoughts on “If I were a flower…”

  1. … and i bet many of them ended with “… and how the hero saves the day forms the rest of the story”.
    god i stopped reading indian newspaper/website reviews ever since khalid “fiza-err fiasco” mohammad.

  2. What I’ve posted are the final few sentences from the ‘Story’ section of the websites. “And how the hero saves the day” would’ve been boring, “What will happen when the acid falls….” is funny! :)

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