It takes guts!

Women think I am the Invisible Man. It’s the only irrational explanation I’ve come up with for all the glazed looks that seem to focus on a point 100 yards behind me. Yet, after all these years, I have never learnt to take a hint. I still casually brush my hair so it falls over my eyebrows, like I half-expect them to run their fingers through it as they pass me. I cease to walk. I swagger. And most importantly, I turn into a human vacuum as I suck the air from a 100 meter radius and tuck my tummy so far back in that people behind me suddenly catch a glimpse of my belly-button. But even this move does not hide my ugly girth, and needless to say, it only gets uglier when I let the air back into the atmosphere and quickly turn into a hot air balloon.

There is a point to all this. That being, in a world where even invisible men make vain efforts to look like they belong in their natural weight class, it takes guts (no pun there) for an actress to hold a public function where the world gets to know her magic number.
I bow to you, Kavya!

Kavya Madhavan, the ‘numero uno’ actress of Malayalam cinema recently conducted a thulabharam at the famous Guruvayoor temple. The Thulabharam was done with 75 kilos of thulaseedalam (thulasi leaves).

Trivia: 75 kilos of thulasi leaves makes 75 tonnes of Basil Fried Rice.

3 thoughts on “It takes guts!”

  1. Manoj, I just stumbled upon your blog few weeks back when searching for some thing related to music. Amidst all the bloggers who take themselves too seriously, your posts laced with self-deprecating and irreverent humour provide for amusing reads. Continue blogging regularly.

  2. Hey thanks Vijay. :) And trust me, I don’t have plans of quitting anytime soon. Not until I’ve hit 500 feet below rock-bottom, though some would argue that I’m almost there :(

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