55w Gossip

I wanted to make a post about this, then thought will use it to expend Prashant’s tag request instead. So, here goes…exactly 55 words based on a true incident that happened less than 2 hours back. (Maybe I’ll make a better attempt later :)

“Selva is not coming for dinner” she cooed sadly. All the tinted hair men, and there were a few, on Jet Airways 3531 clucked their tongues in disapproval. Later, she perched herself on Mrs.Yuvan’s lap on the bus to the main terminal. And all the while I kept thinking, “This chick looks hotter on screen.”

7 thoughts on “55w Gossip”

  1. Yep. And Yuvan Shankar, Selvaraghavan and few other scary looking folk were the ones with the tinted hair.

  2. U saw Agarwal babe… aww…but why on earth this babe has fallen for that Ragavan guy..cha

  3. And ofcourse, Yuvan is getting scary day by day, tinted hair, wacky attire, pathetic tanglish… whenever he gives interviews in television, i get this weird feeling that he has gulped a mug of vodka just before the camera got switched on.

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