On To Madras – 3

Frankfurt Aiport – Pales in comparison to Miami. Atleast the ceilings, which are really bent shutters put there after a rather fruitful yard sale in the Frankfurt factory district.

Update1: Met a man from Kiev. He asked me what I did in Frankfurt and I said I was on my way to India from Miami. This got the man excited. Apparently he ran some kind of “body shop” in Miami. “Liberty City, you been there?” he asked. I hmmm-ed and wondered what he meant by “body shop”. “Yeah, I know…tough area,” he said. I winked & grinned, but it was only a nervous gesture, cos’ I was convinced that I was talking to the Miami-in-charge of the Russian Mafia. He shook hands and asked me to keep him in mind when I wandered into the area. I reminded myself never to wander into the area. Thanks for the tip, comrade.

Update2: Two movies scheduled for inflight entertainment. Monster-in-law & M.Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi. Killer combo I thought. Jane Fonda & Nadhiya Moideen back to back. Awesome.

Update3: Monster-in-law is quite easily the worst inflight movie I’ve ever watched. Kumaran was kick-ass in comparison, even with a kickboxing hero whose voice is still trying to conquer puberty.

Update4: The disembarkation forms are here. Yipee yay. I helped my inflight Kannadiga neighbours fill it out. They asked me if they also had to fill out the embarkation form provided. I told them they didn’t have to, but that it helped kill time until the landing. They weren’t sure what I meant, so they asked me again. I said, “Yes”.

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