Have Mercy TOI!

As exemplified by more than a dozen blogs, TOI’s downward spiral into the pits of journalism hell continues. Here is another example.

Times of India

Tulsi is going to die
There has been wide speculation over it for a while. Now it’s confirmed. Tulsi, the nation’s best known daughter-in-law, from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’s Virani household will not adorn the screen for long.

I nearly choked on the crouton in my salad when I read that, and just as my arteries began to clog in a natural reaction to such sadness, Rediff defibrillated me back to consciousness with their own account.

Rediff reports:

Tulsi is not going to die
“No, Tulsi isn’t going to die. At a time when all of us have gone through nature’s unsparing fury, it’s just a scary brush with mortality. Life, especially life on soaps, sometimes needs a reality check.”


My thoughts on this callous reporting by the idiot publication can be summed up in the words of Rajinikant from Dharma Yudham, when he discovers that ‘black roses’ is actually an euphemism for human eyes….


*Posted on behalf of millions of housewives all over India (I’m not one, but I feel for my desi aunties).*

6 thoughts on “Have Mercy TOI!”

  1. ‘Journalism’ must be in the pits if Tulsi’s death is a matter of grave concern. But TOI was always more commercial, and film/tv-centric!
    But i was most surprised by NDTV news coverage recently. They announced Karisma Kapoor’s split. Given all the publicity it was getting, i suddenly thought she was dead. Then I realize it’s just a divorce. Then it got worse. They found someone to analyze the situation and discuss what could have gone wrong! :))

  2. heh-heh Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston went through the same scrutiny in the US media. Surprisingly enough, many did seem to care!

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