Layering Esthero (updated)

I was trying to come up with a Tamizh song to use with an extended sample I created from an Esthero song called ‘Flipher Overture’. And like always I was lost for lyrics. I might have topped myself in inanity with this song called ‘Sakhiye’. The clincher could be the line nimidam nimidam nodigalai pala varudam aanadhu, which is also how 5th standard Maths classes begin every academic year in TamilNadu.

If anyone thinks the tune is worthy of better lyrics, then please give it a shot. If not, there is always the Delete key.

mp3 of Sakhiye Sakhiye

update: added some music at the end of the song.

6 thoughts on “Layering Esthero (updated)”

  1. sabash. bale, bale, well sung. the little quaver in the voice adds a nice effect to the sentiment.

  2. Thanks a lot milehigh. Positive feedback on my little music experiments is always heart-warming. :)
    The “sentiment” of the song was inspired by a Hindi poem that a friend of a friend wrote, for which I composed a tune. Only wish the Tamil lyrics had been half as honest as hers. :)

  3. I just happen to the laziest ass in the world! Maybe I’ll get around to it someday. Thanks though!

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