On Shreya’s trail

Bollywood is lucky that M.M.Kreem pays them a visit once in a while. And lucky for me, he never lets go of Shreya Goshal. After Paheli, he is back with Kasak. And in Saansein Madham Hai, he has Shreya belting out a winner. The arrangement is vaguely Rahmanesque, but having listened to a lot of M.M.Kreem, I realize that the song has his composing style written all over it (or maybe it’s just that he has reused one of his Telugu songs that I might have heard before).

Shreya Goshal

Shantanu Moitra scored big with Parineeta . And amidst allegations of plagiarism (ItwoFS – June.25.05) for that effort, Moitra comes up his follow-up act – Yahaan. There are three Shreya Goshal numbers in this album, with Urzu Urzu Durkut and its (shady) Celtic arrangements topped off by Shreya’s vibrant, youthful voice making it an instantly likeable number.

Shreya seems relegated to singing mostly “melody” numbers (except for maybe that Osthaava song in Enakku 18, Unakku 20). So listening to her sing a Telingish number called Right-o Left-o in Anukokunda Oka Roju, complete with rolling r’s & l’s, makes for an interesting change. And she does it well too. The music again is by Kreem-saab in his Telugu avatar. Peppy tune, smooth bass-work…catchy stuff.

My final reco for the night is another Keeravani song called Nalla Nallani from the movie, Sye. While I adore new talents like Shreya Goshal (and our own under-used Chinmayee), you listen to a veteran like Chitra and realize why they are still regarded playback pros. This song is interesting because it almost seems like the vocals are left unprocessed and Chitra’s raw-sounding voice is such a delight to listen to. Keeravani is the male vocalist, and if you can get past his singing, then you are in for a treat with this song.

6 thoughts on “On Shreya’s trail”

  1. Paheli was good, though while humming Dheere Jalna, I was asked by a co-worker if I knew Telugu well enough to hum songs. Apparently its a rehash of MM Kreem’s own “Dhina Dhinna Dhina Dhinna” from some Telugu movie. Hmmmm… in any case MM Kreem/Keeravani/Maragathamani seems to be on the upswing again.

  2. I am intrigued by M M kreem.He is so low key.As you rightly say-‘Bollywood is lucky……’ I hope he comes to stay here !
    gautam saraf

  3. A very good voice.

    Nice to hear your songs….which are blasted like anything.

    ” I want to share my thoughts..with you.

    You have been notified by iIlayaraja, a few months back in the program ” Andrum Indrum Endrum ” of Ilayaraja`s live musical concert.

    ” He notified two times at the end, while you are singing the song, some pronounciation differed while singing.

    I know, that is due to language problem.

    Even though it was good..
    Appreciate your interests on musics.
    Do better performances, for the upcoming year for tamil.

    Take chances of adhering the events on tamil movies.

    Nice voice.. Nice performance…


  4. i am very good fan of yours……..shreya.
    i like your voice very much………its really sweet.
    i again and again hear your songs………..
    parineeta, zeher,devdhas…and lot more…
    best wishes from me.

  5. Shreya ! The day I with my family saw you particepating in Sa Re Ga Ma my wife declared the sky touching success for you and we all were agreed with. And Now you are on that position. Ofcourse this is becose of your hard work and devotion towards music we all wish you more and more success in future.

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