Subtitled Poetry 2

Thazham flower has got wet!
It’s time to wear in the hair!
Wet breathe which has become hot
Has made a burnt on the shoulder!
There is hundreds of talks with the sight!
Words have become unconscious!
Enough, God of Lust!
Both the souls are breathing hardly!

A kind of a lust and a kind of thirst!
I didn’t think until yesterday!
Desire seed didn’t grow!
What is the news? Colorful parrot?

– P. Ramid Subtitler
A Kind of LustKozhi Koovudhu: For Desire Seed?!
Publishers: Pyramid Video

Note: All punctuation in excerpt reproduced as is.

5 thoughts on “Subtitled Poetry 2”

  1. maybe it is better this way. One can very easily overrun the budget earmarked for this work if a proper translation is attempted. And how would anyone fit in the ‘SaeDhi EnNa, VanaKiliye’ part anyway? beats me.

    Are these from english sub-titles displayed on screen in dvds/vcds?

  2. I don’t know about a budget crisis, but I’m sure the screen will be a mess with well-thought out, drawn-out translations. And we wouldn’t want damn words covering Simran’s waist, do we?!
    As for ‘SaeDhi EnNa, VanaKiliye’, if brevity is what they were going for, then I’d think “What say you, parrot?” would suffice. :)
    But you’re right…overall, it’s better this way. It’s amusing and gives me a fallback option when I can’t think of anything to write. :)

    And yeah, the subtitles are displayed onscreen in the DVDs I watch. It shouldn’t be too difficult for me to post a screenshot.

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