Acronym Blunders

DDLJ, HAHK, QSQT – Bollywood acronyms that instilled newfound confidence amongst its passionate followers in the nether lands of TamilNadu. No longer did they have to embarrass themselves when asked the name of the Shahrukh Khan movie they had just paid Rs.30 to watch. First day. First show.

DDLJ, machi. Innum Paakale. Sooper padam da. (DDLJ, dude. Still haven’t seen it? Sooper movie.)

But Rafiq & I, vile bastards that we were, insisted that VB tell us what DDLJ stood for. A full minute of coaxing & taunting later, he spilled out, “Dilwaale Duniya Le Jaayege”. We managed to bite back giggles by “hmmm-ing” loudly.

“What about HAHK?”

“Ammapke Kaenko”

VB never failed to entertain!

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  1. Guys…so many variants that I’m surprised a compilation of such Tanglindi movie titles has not yet made it to my Inbox as a Fwd:

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