Subtitled Poetry 1

Bundle of Greens, Invigorating Embrace
Uproot me, my love

You’ll ask for the greens, and the invigorating embrace
Take a flight into bliss, my dear

Take me to a lonely place
Kiss me and have me
Butt me like in a taming bull game, my dear

Bundle of grass, blindfold the calf
Clear off with your wares, my dear

Shall I give in, discarding my shyness?

Come my dear packet of crackers
I’ll buy a single rocket for you.

– A. Ingharan Subtitler
(Bundle of Greens — ‘Thirupachi: Butting like a Bull ‘)
Publishers: Ayngharan International

8 thoughts on “Subtitled Poetry 1”

  1. unbelievable, would make neruda proud.

    ‘butt me like in a taming bull game, my dear’. evokes mind-numbing imagery, thanks for the post :)

    1. as I get adseesdrs) and a lot of blog posts to write. Yikes! I did one for Mark Jaquith on Monday: Highway to the Plugin Dangerzone (I wrote it before I knew Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split). Everything else is on my to-do list

  2. I’ve never read Neruda, but if I were to judge him based on ‘Il Postino’, then he has nothing on the man from Ayngharan. Trisha Krishnan lip-syncing to “Butt me like in a taming bull game”… let’s just say, I was ‘Matador’ Manoj for a few minutes in my head.

  3. Hilarious, but hey but I wont blame the “A. Ingharan Subtitler”, he can only do so much to make the crap, crappier.

    Bundle of grass, blindfold the calf
    Clear off with your wares, my dear

    That doesn’t even make sense! I have to go back to the orignal.


  4. True. Garbage in, Garbage out. The guy goes easy on songs that are relatively less crappy. Irindhaalum ippidiya? :)

    1. Hiikt,hanhs again ^_^Yes still organising. *sigh* it’s kind of fun though, good to see what I actually own. I am taking pictures too, that helps and is fun.Yes I know, keep the list and when there’s any money to spare treat yourself ^_^

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