Harmoniums are for Dads

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Reading about music directors travelling to exotic places to draw inspiration for an album, has always brought to me images of both film-maker & composer exchanging ideas, perched on a tree stump in a forest clearing right out of LOTR, birds chirping in the background and autumn leaves collecting around their feet. I’ll have to redraw that image now.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is in Bangkok, composing for Pudhupet with friend, director & Karunanidhi impersonator, Selvaraghavan. Their reason is simple, and something everyone in Madras can relate to now.

They wanted to get away from the heat of Chennai and do something innovative.

Yuvan in Bangkok

Considering their last project together, Kaadhal Kondein, resulted in an inspiration overdose, wonder what goodies they have for us this time.

9 thoughts on “Harmoniums are for Dads”

  1. I did miss mentioning 7/G. Master stroke? I don’t know, but ‘Ninaithu Ninaithu’ (the Shreya Goshal version) is one of his better compositions.

  2. Though not apt enough to be termed as a Master stroke, 7/G had some nice compositions. My personal pick of the album was ‘Idhu Porkkalamaa’. Even ‘Kann Pesum Vaarthaigal’ was pretty good. And top of all these, was that theme music which was amazing.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, unless you are a YSR fan waiting to pounce on me at the first sign of negativity. :)) The post will be a while in coming though (got some personal business to attend to)

  4. I knew that you are not a fan of YSR’s music and you wrote only once about raam.. I still prefer to see how bad YSR has done from your point of view in PP :))

  5. kadhal kondein n 7 g rainbow colony were masterpieces..especially..ninaithu ninaithu..by kaykay..n in kadhal kondein..thotu thotu..is brilliant!!..pudhupettai has sum really great stuff as well..check it out..rock on yuvan!!..hats off to you genius..

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