Friday Night Stats

TIME magazine listed 50 websites they thought were “cool”. Predictably enough, I checked the ‘Blog’ section first and thus, retraced my steps back to the Fug-Girls blog.
All alone on a Friday night, in an effort to re-activate the frizzled grey cells after a torturous work week, I thought to myself, “Wow! wonder how much more traffic this brought to their site”. So sadly enough, I checked out their Sitemeter stats, just in time to read “Total 7,999,500” at an “Average Per Day 78,000”.

Start Countdown Timer to 8 million hits – 11:14:20 pm

Stop Countdown Timer at 8,000,012 – 11:23:40 pm

Read and weep, Ad-sense freaks.
Read and laugh, all those who thought, “Got to be the dumbest 9 minutes ever spent on a Friday Night”. (In my defense, I’ve heard Salman Khan was conceived on a Friday night).

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