Villain Overdose


It’s vaguely amusing that Kollywood directors are trying hard to make Madras seem more like a Goonda Utopia. Almost like they wished we had our own Dawoods & Rajans to make ‘Company‘s about. But no, we don’t. So they overwork their imagination and create terrible villains. Total Narakasurs. But with fancier names like…’Sanniyan’ Sagade, ‘PanParag’ Ravi and ‘Pattaasu’ Balu (Indha Balu paesa maattaan, pattaasu thaan paesum). But, three villains? Like, are they, like, three brothers or something…like? Nah. Just three stand-alone goondas territorially terrorising Madras. Sagade takes care of S.Madras, PP Ravi gets North & Cracker Balls (P.Balu’s ghetto name) reigns supreme in Central. Nice. All the more henchmen for Vijay to bash up while grinding out fiery dialogues, his spittle making gentle arcs across the screen.

Trisha in Thriupaachi

Trisha Krishnan is pretty. Even when she is feigning mock anger in a comedy scene that makes you wonder if you should’ve probably laughed at all those wifey jokes of your married friends. (Actually, no…they suck worse.)

And that’s the only reason I made it through Thirupaachi.

4 thoughts on “Villain Overdose”

  1. Don’t forget ‘Chain’ Jaipal (whose name is Jaipal and wields a chain) and ‘Acid’ Mani (Whose name is Acid and wields a Mani in his hand!!).

  2. heh-heh I knew a ‘Urulai’ Bhaskar, not the payilwaan, but someone who worked for Frito Lays. Thankfully, ‘Sangili’ Murugan, ‘Karate’ Mani, ‘Souper’ Subbarayan, ‘Peter’ Peethambaram, ‘Subtle’ Sadhasivam, ‘Assault’ Ashokan and ‘Late’ Loganathan are the good guys.

  3. Manoj,
    came here right after reading ur take on Sivakaasi. The biggest Villain in the futuristic(?) mafia-obsessed chennai in the movie Thirupachi is Sivagiri (chillingly portrayed by Vijay) himself which you might have realised if you have read between the lines and the director’s subtle take. Film Noir, I say!

  4. Zero: heh-heh Lucky for me, I already seem to have forgotten this movie’s plot. The villains will continue to haunt me for some time though. Saniyan Sagade – boy! that’s a stupid friggin’ name.

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