Your Grave Beckons, Nil Spino!

91 off 90, is a good stat to read on the Indian cricket scoreboard, but when found under “Dowry Deaths — Days”, it’s just plain infuriating.

From the NewIndExpress:

statistics reveal that there is an average of one dowry-related death every day in the state; 91 deaths, including murder and suicide, in the first 90 days of this year alone.

One easily associates dowry crimes to a certain class of people. But I don’t think it takes death to actually deem it a crime. You demand, you’re guilty.
But shouldn’t an education be the automatic solution? Maybe somewhere along the path to seeking enlightenment about For-loops and predicting the Stock-market, wouldn’t these bozos have realized the heinousness of this practice? Nah. The cold truth (and so called rule of thumb) is that with more degrees & a high-paying job to show on a “bio-data”, the more demands the groom can make. And I can speak for the Mallu community when I say, the demands increase exponentially if you are from a family of “name”. Logic never suffered as much as in this equation.

So, here’s what I think of dowry-demanding freakazoids.

It’s the worst humiliation you can inflict upon yourself as a grown man. And it doesn’t frickin’ matter if the girl can “afford” it. You can parade those 2 degrees, that 4-bedroom house, your 6-figure salary and 8-cylinder car, all you want. None of that will absolve you of this degrading act. I’d rather crawl into a grave to die and put this up on my tombstone.

Here lies the most spineless piece of human filth. His crime – Dowry!

That was not directed at anyone…just needed to get it all out.

2 thoughts on “Your Grave Beckons, Nil Spino!”

  1. The nightmarish Dowry problem is, sadly, not a simple open and shut thing. Families that demand, families that meekly give in, a justice system that does not deliver – they’re all part of the problem. If the rest of society were to hold hands, form a chain, and say “Fuck all this – we ain’t giving you one stinking penny.”, the feared Askers of Dowry would be reduced to nothing more than the pathetic beggars that they are. But to blame them alone for the prevailing situation is incorrect – the onus is always on the oppressed to bring change. Sad but true.

  2. I understand that part of the problem lies with the agreeable transactions that take place. And as long as there are parents who can afford the package, this is one social evil that will always be here. I was not suggesting a solution to the issue, but wondering aloud as to how an educated man could subject himself to this. I guess education IS over-rated.

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