Bosey is back…with a blog

Sometime back, I had written about the re-emergence of Chennai-centric humor site, Bosey. Apparently, their new avatar is in form of a Blog. You’ll love it…if you like that kind of humor.

From their ARS to play Superman in new Hollywood movie post:

When asked for his comments, ARS said “Yais, Yais, you are correct.”, in a classic clipped South Indian accent, before removing his glasses and adding “Operation success!”


13 thoughts on “Bosey is back…with a blog”

  1. Thanks for the link and the kind words. I’d be glad to add a link to your blog from bosey, if you would like that. We hope we’ll be able to sustain the new bosey. Hah.

    Hey, nice blog yourself. Vividh Vharathi – hahahahahaha. Don’t forget the old DD classics Munnottam and Edhiroli.

  2. >> I’d be glad to add a link to your blog from bosey, if you would like that.
    Of course, I’d like that. Thanks!

    Edhiroli, where every last viewer tuned in just to hear what the next Sunday movie was going to be. And the bozos would read out those mind-numbingly boring letters of ‘praise’ , and then finally say Vanakkam without bothering to announce it. And ‘Munnottam‘ was like listening to someone read from the telephone directory.
    Yeah I remember those shows! :)

  3. Hey dude,
    I think you’ve actually got both the names confused..
    ‘Edhiroli’ (echo) is the program where they read(or claim to read) the letters from viewers. Munnotam (preview) is the one where we see the list of programs that are to be beamed the coming week.

  4. Tch,tch…it’s me who read it
    BTW…In Edhiroli..were they announcing about the Sunday movie?…foggot.
    Some more comes to my mind … ‘Vayalum vaazhvum’..and then that friday night extravaganza ‘Oliyum ozhiyum’…Those days i think we got to watch the cine songs only in this program.

  5. Glad you figured that out. :)
    I know for a fact that they announced the Sunday movie on ‘Edhiroli’, cos’ that’s the only reason I ever watched the show. A bunch of DD regulars donned the role of the “expert” who answered the viewer mail, including a newsreader, Tamizhanbarasan (or some such name). Prof. Nannan, the jolly Tamizh vaadhiar who taught Tamizh to the TV camera, was another.
    ‘Vayalum Vaazhvum’, alongwith ‘Manaimaatchi’ probably made for the worst hour of programming on DD. But to DD’s credit, their ‘Wonder Balloon’ was probably a better kid’s show than the painful version they show on Sun TV these days. And I actually looked forward to shows like ‘Youth Panorama’. There also used to be this quiz show called ‘Vinnaadi Vina’ hosted by this Bhagyaraj clone. That ancient timer they used on the show still sticks out in memory.
    The Tuesday night drama was also a test of patience and ARS was probably the biggest TV star back then. There used to be a director called GPR, who was like the Maniratnam of Tuesday TV dramas. I remember the funky way his name was signed on the credit placards that were held in front of the TV camera. (Thats how they did it on DD). And the ‘Sorry for the Break’ music…played right off the preset rhythms on a Casio keyboard. I had a similar keyboard and would sometimes play it along.
    Yeah, DD was fun! :)

  6. Vinaadi Vina . . . Bhagyaraj clone!!!!! You beauty!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha – ‘Idhu Thavaraana badhil’

    What about ‘Vilayaatu Vimarsanam’ and ‘Malarum ninaivugal’

  7. Ahh…forgot about ‘Vilayaatu Vimarasanam’ and their coverage of top-notch sports action at the Rajaratnam stadium – track&field, kabaddi, kho-kho & ball badminton. :) Wasn’t ‘Malarum NInaivugal’ considered like a minor milestone in an actor’s career where they could go on DD and reminisce about their past, reeling off names of drama companies & mentors no one had heard of? But I still watched it though.
    ‘Neenge modhal modhale cinema-kku eppidi vandheenge?’
    ‘Adhaavadhu, aayiraththi tholaaiyiraththi naapathi onnu-le, Bhaarathiyaar Talkies-le, Rajaratnam Pillai….”

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