Layering M.I.A.

M.I.A. Layered

Two days without the Internet (thanks for nothing, Comcast!) helped me catch up on a long list of movies and indulge in some cut&paste music.

I was listening (yet) again to M.I.A.’s Arular album and during the final minute of the Arular version of the M.I.A. song, was inspired enough to come up with a small ditty to layer on top of the song. So I jotted down some lyrics with the usual cliches (nila, malar etc.) and with my able CoolEdit Pro, cut the song, then played a short melody, recorded some vocals and ended up with the following layered version.

M.I.A.- Layered (mp3)

6 thoughts on “Layering M.I.A.”

  1. Thanks! But I wish I had more such stuff to share. This was my first time working with a sample. I’ll definitely try to upload anything similar I come up with in the future.

  2. Great work Manoj!
    I personally liked the second recording a bit more. I thought the vocals were clearer.

    I reckon that you do a cover for the ‘sunshowers’ or ‘galang’ song pronto!!! Heck at this rate…you might as well do it for the whole album. :)

  3. Thanks Bee!
    Galang & Sunshowers too, eh? Yeah, it’s about time someone beat Anu Malik at his game. :)

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