Sketch Revival?

Hollow Men

It’s been quite some time since a good sketch show hit American TV. SNL just plain sucks these days, while MAD TV has its moments. But then they mainly serve to mock celebrities or spoof TV shows. Chappelle’s Show is pretty damn funny, yet it lacks the off-beat originality that shows like Kids in the Hall(my favorites), Mr.Show or the amazing Monty Python possessed. Which makes it perfect timing for a channel like Comedy Central to experiment with the Hollow Men. I managed to watch Episode 2 last week and was pleasantly surprised. First of all, great production values for a show of this nature. The laughs provided were not consistent, but hopefully they’ll get better and get rid of some of the raunchier stuff that is just a lame shortcut to evoke laughter (in some). But overall, the tone of the show is similar to KITH/Python (the cross-dressing atleast) and if they keep up the absurdity and work on the writing, they’ll atleast be relatively better than all the other crap out there. So while the Hollow Men are not going to revive sketch comedy, I’ll atleast use them to derive a chuckle or two as long as they are around. Rather somewhat-funny-Python-wannabes than snoozefest-SNL.

Airs Thursdays at 10:30pm on Comedy Central.

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