Elephunking Raja

Black Eyed Peas and Ilaiyaraja

Last night I was telling a friend how some remix enthusiasts had gone to work on a relatively obscure Ilaiyaraja song, layered it with some Black Eyed Peas music and rechristened it the Elephunk Theme. Well, how stupid did I feel today when I discovered that the “enthusiasts” were the Black Eyed Peas themselves, this year’s 4-time GRAMMY nominated hip-hop group.

After Dr.Dre’s experiment with Bappi Lahiri’s Thoda Resham Lagta Hain ended in a lawsuit, maybe someone told BEP to lay off Indian composers. The song from the Rajinikant starrer Sri Raghavendra, of all movies, called Unakkum Enakkum Aanandham was originally on their album, but for some reason, seems to have been pulled out from later releases.
As for the remix itself, only S.Janaki’s vocal track has been retained, alongwith Raja’s funky bass from the original. Guess the fascination is only for female Indian vocals. Poor Malaysia Vasudevan!

For the curious few, this is what S.Janaki is singing about. (mp3: Unakkum Enakkum)

Ikkuchakaangu Ikkicha Ikku Chakkangu Chaan
(Verily Verily I say unto you, Blah Blah Bleh Blook)
Unakkum Enakkum Aanandham Dham, Vidiya Vidiya Sondham
(You & I will find hap-hap-happiness by dawn)
Padukkai Araiyil Aarambam-bam, Pudhiya Pudhiya Inbam
(In the bedroom beg-begins, newfound pleasures)

Do not doubt my translation skills, the lyrics are actually that pedestrian.

106 thoughts on “Elephunking Raja”

  1. Nice translation! I was zapped when I heard this song first – considering the fact that I have not heard the original. But what the heck, long live Tamil music !

  2. I think lyrics are something which no-one listens too especially in hip-hop rap..Nevertheless its the tune and beats that matter..no harm in picking up from Raja, as long as the credit/tribute is paid to raja by BEP.

  3. Lyrics have never mattered to me much, hip-hop music or otherwise. The translation was only posted as a fun addendum. But I hope when you say “no-one”, you atleast intended desi hip-hop listeners, cos’ hip-hop, atleast traditionally, is all about the word. To say lyrics don’t matter in hip-hop is like saying gamakas&brigas don’t matter in carnatic music.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I really like this song (Unakkum Enakkum) the indian version with a woman and a man singing together… I would like have the complete lyrics of this beutiful song.. anyone knows this lyrics?? thanks

  5. Female:
    ikkuchakaangu ikkicha Ikku chakkaangu chaan…

    unakkum enakkum aanandham-dham, vidiya vidiya sondham
    padukkai aRaiyil aarambam-bam, pudhiya pudhiya inbam

    paalaadai thaan aadudho, OO–r
    noolaadai thaan moodudho
    nerunga nerunga yaen vekkam
    naan thaan pakkam, nirkkum sorgam

    unakkum enakkum aanandham-dham, vidiya vidiya sondham
    (Male: bahut achcha)
    padukkai aRaiyil aarambam-bam, pudhiya pudhiya inbam
    (Male: wah wah)

    kiLLi paarthaal navarasam vazhanga, aLLi chaerthaal adhisayam viLange
    kiLLi paarthaal navarasam vazhanga, aLLi chaerthaal adhisayam viLange
    peNN paavai kandaanadhu kaama baaName
    (Male: mazaa aa gaya)
    engeyum undaagum sOma baaname
    (Male: aa aa)
    un arigil irukkum thaen kiNNam, en azhagu vadiyum kaNNam
    en arigil irukkum thaen kiNNam, azhagu vadiyum kaNNam
    poo maeni pon maeni, indha sultan konjum thOgai maeni

    unakkum enakkum aanandham-dham, vidiya vidiya sondham
    padukkai aRaiyil aarambam-bam, pudhiya pudhiya inbam

    dhaekho dhaekho tharai varum nilavu, aao-aao dhinasari iRavu
    dhaekho dhaekho tharai varum nilavu, aao-aao dhinasari iRavu
    thaaLaadhu thaangaadhu jOdi thaeduthu
    dilrupa thillaana paadi aaduthu
    nee edukka edukka theeraadhu, un podhayal irukku inge
    iRavum pagalum moodaathu, pon surangam irukku inge
    poo maeni pon maeni, indha sultan konjum thOgai maeni

    unakkum enakkum aanandham-dham, vidiya vidiya sondham
    padukkai aRaiyil aarambam-bam, pudhiya pudhiya inbam
    paalaadai thaan aadudho, OO–r
    noolaadai thaan moodudho
    nerunga nerunga yaen vekkam
    naan thaan pakkam, nirkkum sorgam
    unakkum enakkum aanandham-dham, vidiya vidiya sondham
    (Male: kamaal hain)
    padukkai aRaiyil aarambam-bam, pudhiya pudhiya inbam

  6. The original song is just amazing!!… this must probably be one of the best original tracks that has been brought to light by a remix… agreed that the poetry is pedestrian and the thinly-veiled lyrics all point to sex… but hey, listen to the song twice or thrice and u agree that Raja is/was a master at anything he does/did….

  7. I dont want to be heavy but.. can anyone translate the whole song to english? I’m just fascinated with it…

  8. I have heard this song its so cool that to that tamil version by janaki is kinda old school… u know its kinda rembering iliyaraja ruled the music heads thats middle of 80’s to middle of 90’s……..
    Any way the is good to hear

  9. pls anyone tell me how to download this remix song,, pls help me anybody,, thank u all in advance….

  10. hey guyz … anybody got that song….plz reply in this page or please mail the site for dowloading….

  11. What a wonderful song! The original song rocks!! Basically I am a marathi guy but the Tamil version of the song, rather the original song is too good. We (our group) fell in love with the BEP song at a discotheque but when we came to know about the song being copied i was desperate to search for the original one which i got here. Damn good, i wonder why indian music is still # 2 in the world ranking, it should be and it is # 1 worldwide. Cheers to all people who agree!!!!

  12. Well played this a quiz recently… well its infact vani jayram and not s janaki singing the song.. Illayaraja.. Sri Raghavendra… Rajni’s 100th movie.. he even says :”Bahut Accha in it…

  13. Shankar, if there ever was a perfect S.Janaki song, then this is it. If not anything, the screeching should have given it away. I can assure you Vani Jayaram was not within 100 yards of the studio when this song was recorded.
    And the ‘Bahut Achcha’ is Malaysia Vasudevan’s contribution.

    Someone at that quiz deserves extra points!

  14. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET ALL THE SONGS FROM SRI RAGHAVENDRA……. I already have AAdal kalaye, but need the rest…… any sites to download

  15. “Do not doubt my translation skills, the lyrics are actually that pedestrian.”

    Even though this is too late down the line… your translation skills stagger a lot! :D

    Ikkuchakaangu Ikkicha Ikku Chakkangu Chaan
    * this line doesnt mean a thing – just floor tapping… blab *
    Unakkum Enakkum Aanandham Dham, Vidiya Vidiya Sondham
    – To, you and I belongs hap-happiness till Dawn –

    its as pedestrian as any nelly song or probably some akon song

  16. Can you please send me the remix song or any web site that i can download it from? I love that song very much. Thank you

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  19. Mannnnnnnnnn!
    I’m from Brasil and I was looking for a long long time ago the lyric of this song: Black Eyed Peas – Elephunk Theme. So, I wasn’t find it and I was crazy looking for this song and I thought that it was Japanese music, or coren, or chinese song. But it’s indiannnnnnn! Thanks a bunch for helpe me! If some one have this lyric with BEP send me please. Thanks a lot! X=****~

  20. can anyone tell me where can i download this song, its really rocking,i am searching it by all means….

  21. Thanks for that article.
    I just listened to the song and was searching for some more details on it and found this page :) Good article.

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  25. It’s incredible! I’m looking for BEP lyrics of this beeeeeeeeautiful song. WHERE ARE THE LYRICS??????????? :))))

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